The Business Case

Our partnership model is simple: help you improve the quality of your patients' lives by providing state-of-the-art intimate wellness solutions that expand and complement your women’s health product offering.

vFit PLUS is an excellent entry point for the intimate wellness category, in addition to an effective home-use maintenance program for in-office solutions. Help your patients maximize their benefits, while increasing satisfaction and loyalty.

Read Case Study - vFit PLUS and PERSPECTIVE Health, LLc.

Why Carry vFit PLUS?

  • Harness a powerful tool to help you grow your business and help your patients achieve optimal wellness.

  • Provides a substantial revenue opportunity with no up-front capital investment.

  • Offer an affordable option for those patients not ready for laser treatments or surgery.

  • Help your patients maintain their benefits in between professional treatments.

  • vFit PLUS pairs well with other solutions and can be implemented into bundled pricing.

Why Your Patients will Love vFit PLUS

Quick & Easy

Up to 12 minutes, every other day


9 out of 10 women experience results

All Natural

Nonsurgical, noninvasive, and hormone-free

How Joylux Will Help You Succeed

  • Marketing support to reinforce your sales efforts

  • Public relations campaigns to drive the conversation and build brand awareness

  • Staff training to develop sales strategies 

Endorsed by prominent professionals, including:

Ava Shamban, MD

Beverly Hills, CA

David J. Goldberg, MD

New York and New Jersey

Sarah de la Torre, MD

Obstetrician and Gynecologist  
Seattle, WA

Anna Petropolous, MD

Plastic Surgeon
Danvers, MA

Jennifer Walden, MD

Plastic Surgeon
Austin, TX

Red Alinsod, MD

Laguna Beach, CA